First Day of School

Well this morning did not happen how I pictured it. I wanted to wake up around 6, get dressed and clean the kitchen. Then start slowly waking the girls up to get them ready. Take a cute first day of school photo. Make French toast for breakfast and get to the school around 7:40am.

In reality I woke up 10 to 7, freaking out that it was the first day of school and I already slept in. Then I went to get Bridget up and she wasn’t in her bed. I found her in my room on the couch. Once she was kinda up the tears started and “I don’t want to go to school” came out of her mouth. I tried so hard to keep her calm, I even called Daddy and Magga (my mom) to give her encouragement. I have to be honest I almost gave in and said “it’s ok you don’t have to go today” but I was strong. Was able to get them all dressed, kinda feed and yes I got my photo.

Once we got to school, 10 mins before 8, there was no parking. I finally found a spot and when I was getting everyone out of the car Justin’s butt was all wet. Happy I had a change of clothes in the car but when I went to put them on he had a poop diaper!! Once I got him all changed and we made a quick walk to school. We missed the line up on the blacktop so when we got to the kinder area she was rushed off by the teachers to put her backpack down. I just stood there thinking “wait is that it?”

Looking back it was the best drop off because it didn’t give Bridget a chance to be sad. Also didn’t give me a chance to say “never mind, you don’t have to go. Let’s go to Disneyland.” After standing around and watching another kinder class walk in I made my way back to the car. Packed the two littles back in the car and by 8:20am I was a mom of two for the next 6hrs and 20mins.

Tonight we will be going to bed on time and making sure the alarm is set! Her lunch is already made thanks to lunchables so tomorrow all I have to do is kinda the same thing this morning just better. Here’s to more crazy morning story’s to come on this first year of school. I just hope Brooklyn’s first day of preschool (this Thursday) is a little smoother then today. The Mom Life of 3 is NEVER boring.


Bridget with her friends on Kinder Orientation. So happy to get all of her school supplies.


Last Week of Summer

Short and a late post tonight. Just had to reflect and share my crazy day. It felt like once I woke up or more like got woken up, (at 6am, thank you Justin) one thing after the next was happening. All I wanted to do was go school shopping at Old Navy and Target. Maybe get lunch if the kids were good.

With Justin getting up so early he woke up tried and pissed off. After I cleaned the house and was able to put the kids clothes away (now I just have mine and the rest of the towels) I got myself and the kids ready to walk out the door. It was around 10 when I got them in the car and Justin was Ready for a nap.

Once all 3 kids were buckled I go to start the car and Click Click Clickkkk! My Car Wouldn’t Start! The Battery died and it was my fault. I left the back door open and the cab light was on all weekend. All I thought was “are you kidding me!” and “I just got everybody in the car”. I called the husband to see if we had a battery charger. We did, brand new and ready for me to open. Great right!!!? It would have been if I had a small battery. If I let this little plug in battery charger charge it all the way, it would have taken 8 hours. I didn’t have that kinda time. After talking to my mom, well we all know I called her to vent, she told me to call AAA. I knew if I did it would take about an hour to get a jumpstart.

I called around 10:22 and AAA said they would be at my house at 10:50am. The I got a text a little later telling me the arrival time would be 11:05. By then I got a call from the tow company telling me they are backed up and would be later now then was expended. Now it’s 11, the girls have been messing around in the car which then made Justin wake up from his nap. The guy got to my house, jumped my car and I put ALL the kids back in the car. I was in a mood from the car and thinking I would have to stay home which I didn’t want to.

I decided to head over to Chuck E Cheese for lunch because by now it was noon. The girls were SOOO excited when I pulled in. Had lunch and played a lot of games. Even had a friend come and meet us. The only new thing now is they got rid of coins and have switched to game cards. The girls love it and would call the card their coupon. Here are a few pictures from today

The girls had 395 tickets by the end and the girls were able to get the same gifts.

After spending a little over an hour or so it was 2 so we headed out to go to the places I said before. Now at Old Navy, the store was a mess and that was why I wanted to get there in the morning. Didn’t really find any good sales but Bridget was able to get a few cute outfits. After spending 30 mins in the dressing room, Bridget was the one taking the longest, we headed over to Target. Only got the girls lunch boxes while we were there and Justin ended up falling asleep in the stroller. On our way home we stopped by the store to get stuff for dinner and made it back home around 5pm.

I learned today was even though you get hit with roadblocks don’t let it get you down and keep moving on. I had a blast watching the kids enjoy Chuck E Cheese and they really stepped up their pizza. Was able to get all the stuff I wanted to do while being able to have fun. Ended the day with watching a movie with the family. Now I need to head off to bed because tomorrow is another day of fun waiting to happen.


It’s Been a While

Well it’s been a while since I put a new blog post out and as I’m sitting here all I can think about is what I have to get done today. Maybe I haven’t written anything because I’m busy chasing around 3 kids or maybe I’m too tired at the end of the day. The last month or so has been extremely busy, from everyone getting sick, birthday parties, Pre-K graduation and everything in between. I don’t want to bore you but truly being a mom of 3 is no joke.

In June the whole house got sick with the stomach bug which was Not fun. Luckily Justin never really got it which I was so thankful. Bridget graduated Pre-K and it was so emotional! My little girl is growing up and don’t know how to handle it. She went to a family run preschool (I also went to the same school as a child) and to celebrate the the pre-k kids graduation they have a sleepover. Bridget kept going back-and-forth about staying but once she saw all her friends she knew she didn’t want to miss out. When it was time to leave we said goodbye to Bridget and she ran off to play with her friends. That night it felt so weird without her at home but I knew she was having a blast.

We celebrate July 4th early with our close friends and Jeff ordered crawfish from Louisiana and got it flown in. I didn’t try them but it was a fun experience to watch everyone else try them.

Then on the 4th we kinda took it easy since the last month was so crazy. Went to my parents house for dinner and then came home to put all the kiddos to bed. After that we then started to hear the fireworks go off and was surprised we could see them from the deck Jeff built in the backyard. While the two of us are outside the dogs were freaking out inside, which freaked the girls out so I went to see what was going on. Right when I walked in I could smell poop and when I looked around the corner I saw it. One of the dogs (we are pretty sure it was Gunny) pooped in the living room. I can’t make this up!!! I said screw it and we grabbed the girls and took them outside to watch the fireworks. Don’t worry when the show was over we cleaned everything up and put the girls back to bed. (love this photo because each one of them is showing their personality)

It was a great holiday and so far the summer has been pretty good. We got Legoland passes again so we have been trying to get as much time at the water park. If you haven’t been it’s a lot of fun and if you live close by (Legoland is located in Carlsbad) it’s way better then the Wave in Vista, specially if you have small children. Should I make a blog post about the Legoland Water Park? Let me know in the comments below. Hopefully I will have time to check in sooner. We do have a family trip coming up later and super excited for that.

Hope you all are having a great summer with friends and family



Mom of Three

Being a mom is no joke but being a mom of three is a whole different type of crazy. The many rolls of motherhood in my eyes consist of, MAID, chef, taxi driver, problem solver, entertainer, tutor, teacher, and most of all the glue that keeps the family going. (I know there’s more but I’m to tired from all those jobs to think of anything else) This job doesn’t have a clock in and out time it’s 24 hours 7 days a week 365 day a year!!! So when you become a mom you might as well say goodbye to your bed because it will be years until you can really enjoy sleeping again.

My morning usually starts when I hear Justin wake up around 6:30-7. I then get out of bed to get him up, change his diaper and off to the kitchen so I can heat a bottle up. The girls wake up between 7:30-8 and slowly join me on the couch downstairs. Once we are all up and I find time to get ready myself it can be a rush some mornings to get the kids dressed, fed and lunches made. We all hop in the car around 8:40 then we head out for drop offs. I only work three days a week so on the other two days we either have errands to run or I might take the kids for a fun trip somewhere.

Once I’m down with work it’s time to pick the kiddos up. We get home around 5-5:30 then it’s time to make dinner feed the baby and baths for all three. Around 7:40 is when we start bedtime routine with going to the potty, brushing teeth and getting the girls water bottles. Justin goes down around the same time as the girls so while I’m putting him to bed my husband is with the girls. Some nights bedtime gets pushed back because I’m so tired and lost track of the time and other nights the girls drag bedtime out by coming downstairs or complaining about something. FINALLY once all the kids are in bed it’s Mommy Happy Hour. Which some nights it’s more like half an hour since I have cleaning and laundry to catch up on. My bedtime is always late and only get a few hours of sleep then it’s time to wake up and start all over again.

Trying to keep 3 little humans happy and alive while having a part-time job is rough. I have my ups and downs but at the end of the day I just have to remember to not stress over everything. After having Justin I thought I would be fine and could handle one more, but mentally it was really hard for me. I did struggle with postpartum and had to see my doctor. After the advice she gave me I feel like I have a little more hold on my life.

Even though I have a lot going on I wouldn’t change it, well maybe I would like less fighting and more listening. I know things will get better then maybe a little more difficult again but so blessed to be able to watch all my kids grow and make so many memories with them. I love being a mom and know this is what I was meant to be.




Well I can’t believe my first born is going to school this fall! I never thought this day would come. I know people tell me how they grow up fast but today it really hit me. We were invited to a Kindergarten Tea at the school she will be attending in the fall. The school she’s going to is the same school I went to as a little girl.

Walking up to her new school we ran into a friend from Pre-K and watching Bridget walk and run with her friend was so precious. A flood of emotions came over me once we walked through the doors. I was both excited and scared for her, will she have fun but also be safe. Even though she’s attending the same school I did, my mom never had to worry about my safety like how parents have to these days. Another fear I have for her is will she thrive in school or have learning difficulties like I did.

I had trouble reading and understanding what I was learning at a young age. Not until I got into 5th grade a teacher noticed I was behind so I was tested for a learning disability and had dyslexia. After my mom and I found out she did everything she could to help me succeed. So I do worry if Bridget will go through the same struggles as I did or I hope knowing about learning disability’s I can look out for the signs and catch it early. Will I also have the strength like my mom did.

I pray for the first year of school is she will enjoy it. Enjoy being a kid, running and playing with her friends she will make, and to learn everything and anything she can. I hope I don’t get emotional on her first day but we will see what happens. Do you have any kids starting this coming fall? Are you also a little worried for their safety?


My Journey with Co-Sleeping

I know people have mix feelings about co-sleeping and so do I.  Sometimes Mama just needs a good night sleep without a foot or a hand slapping you in the face.  I have 3 kiddos and I realized I co-slept more with my first.

I had my first daughter back in 2012, and even though I was a new mom I felt very comfortable.  I loved being a mom but at night it was a different story.  She would wake up around 2-3 times a night to feed and yes that might not seem like a lot or other baby’s might wake up more but for being in my early 20’s it was rough.  After awhile I was starting to think more about co-sleeping.  I was hesitant at first only because my husband can sometimes be a mover when he sleeps (now that I think about it Bridget really does sleep like her Daddy).  One night I was so tired I had enough of the getting in and out of bed and said lets give this co-sleeping a shot.  It was really nice to be close to my baby, feel her warmth, hear her breath and that baby smell is HEAVEN!  It always amazes me that even an infant can somehow manage to almost push you OFF the bed every night.  When we moved into the home we live in today Bridget was around 5 months and that’s when I decide it was time for her to sleep in her own room.  It was scary to think about her being in another room but by I was ready for my space again plus I wasn’t breastfeeding anymore.  It felt so good to have my bed back to just me and my husband. Once we moved Bridget to a big girl bed around 17 months that’s when she had the freedom to claim into bed with us.  She would come lay next to me when she wasn’t feeling good or having really bad growing pains.

Then we had Brooklyn our second daughter and I did start co-sleeping sooner only because I knew a little more to what I was doing. At 2 and a half months old Brooklyn was starting to sleep thought the night and that was Amazing!!  I than decided it was time for her to start sleeping in her own room.  Once I had both my girls sleeping in their own rooms it felt so good, but it didn’t last long.  Bridget than started to come in our bed more often than before, night after night.  I was first ok with it because she was my baby, my first-born but I wanted to sleep in my bed not on the side almost falling off.  Brooklyn was a different story once she got to a big girl bed.  She wanted me to sleep in her bed.  There were a few nights I would end up falling asleep in her twin bed and would wake up with my back killing me.  Some nights I wish she wanted to sleep in my bed.  Now Bridget is 5 and Brooklyn is 3 and they both are coming in our bed off and on.  Instead of them being cute little baby’s that can fit in my hands, they now take over the king size bed.  Since Bridget Loves her Daddy more I always get her long legs and feet.  Some nights I will try to get her back in her bed but once I pick her up she wakes up and clings to my husband saying “but I love Daddy”.

This last October we had our first son Justin and I have not once co-slept with him.  So interesting how different each child is the more I think about it.  Justin at around 2 months like Brooklyn was sleeping through the night, again it was Amazing!  Tonight when I was putting Justin to sleep I was thinking more on how I haven’t co-slept with him yet.  Made me a little sad just thinking about all the baby cuddle’s I’m missing out as he is the last baby I’m having.  Then I thought another reason I wasn’t co-sleeping with him was I knew Bridget would be crawling into bed.  Now she is my first-born and their will always be a special place in my heart and in her case my bed. I have been able to teach her to sleep on the couch in our room but Brooklyn now is climbing into bed with us.  I guess I should just enjoy it while it last because once they get bigger I will miss it.

A lot has changed in how I have thought about co-sleeping from my 20’s with one baby to my now 30’s with 3 kids.  Parents should feel comfortable in their decision to co-sleep or not.  What are your thoughts about the subject?  Are you for it or not?  If you’re not a parent, when you become one how would you feel?  Or even if you changed your mind after becoming a parent?  I would love to know what you did and cant wait to read your responses.

About Me

Welcome to my Crazy Life

My name is Brittney Triemer, I’m a wife and mother of 3 beautiful children. I met my husband Junior year of high school. We got married in 2012 and became parents to our first daughter Bridget that December. Two years later we welcomed our second daughter Brooklyn and this past October (2017) welcomed our first son Justin.  I feel like my life is complete with my three crazy kids. Now I’m just a mom trying to make it look like I know what I’m doing because lets be to be honest if it was easy a dad could do it. 

We are very lucky to live in Southern California and have the ability to experience all kinds of adventures. The kinds and I love visiting the San Diego Zoo, Sea World, LEGOLAND and mostly Disneyland. I love amusement parks and my kids and starting to feel the same way with a little help from me. On days we don’t have fun field trips its pretty normal, school, ballet and work.

I started this blog to express myself, to share the stress and wonders of being a parent and to contact with other moms with the same interest. I’m so excited to start this creative journey and to see with this goes.

Ready…. Set…… Lets get CRAZY!