First Day of School

Well this morning did not happen how I pictured it. I wanted to wake up around 6, get dressed and clean the kitchen. Then start slowly waking the girls up to get them ready. Take a cute first day of school photo. Make French toast for breakfast and get to the school around 7:40am.

In reality I woke up 10 to 7, freaking out that it was the first day of school and I already slept in. Then I went to get Bridget up and she wasn’t in her bed. I found her in my room on the couch. Once she was kinda up the tears started and “I don’t want to go to school” came out of her mouth. I tried so hard to keep her calm, I even called Daddy and Magga (my mom) to give her encouragement. I have to be honest I almost gave in and said “it’s ok you don’t have to go today” but I was strong. Was able to get them all dressed, kinda feed and yes I got my photo.

Once we got to school, 10 mins before 8, there was no parking. I finally found a spot and when I was getting everyone out of the car Justin’s butt was all wet. Happy I had a change of clothes in the car but when I went to put them on he had a poop diaper!! Once I got him all changed and we made a quick walk to school. We missed the line up on the blacktop so when we got to the kinder area she was rushed off by the teachers to put her backpack down. I just stood there thinking “wait is that it?”

Looking back it was the best drop off because it didn’t give Bridget a chance to be sad. Also didn’t give me a chance to say “never mind, you don’t have to go. Let’s go to Disneyland.” After standing around and watching another kinder class walk in I made my way back to the car. Packed the two littles back in the car and by 8:20am I was a mom of two for the next 6hrs and 20mins.

Tonight we will be going to bed on time and making sure the alarm is set! Her lunch is already made thanks to lunchables so tomorrow all I have to do is kinda the same thing this morning just better. Here’s to more crazy morning story’s to come on this first year of school. I just hope Brooklyn’s first day of preschool (this Thursday) is a little smoother then today. The Mom Life of 3 is NEVER boring.


Bridget with her friends on Kinder Orientation. So happy to get all of her school supplies.



Well I can’t believe my first born is going to school this fall! I never thought this day would come. I know people tell me how they grow up fast but today it really hit me. We were invited to a Kindergarten Tea at the school she will be attending in the fall. The school she’s going to is the same school I went to as a little girl.

Walking up to her new school we ran into a friend from Pre-K and watching Bridget walk and run with her friend was so precious. A flood of emotions came over me once we walked through the doors. I was both excited and scared for her, will she have fun but also be safe. Even though she’s attending the same school I did, my mom never had to worry about my safety like how parents have to these days. Another fear I have for her is will she thrive in school or have learning difficulties like I did.

I had trouble reading and understanding what I was learning at a young age. Not until I got into 5th grade a teacher noticed I was behind so I was tested for a learning disability and had dyslexia. After my mom and I found out she did everything she could to help me succeed. So I do worry if Bridget will go through the same struggles as I did or I hope knowing about learning disability’s I can look out for the signs and catch it early. Will I also have the strength like my mom did.

I pray for the first year of school is she will enjoy it. Enjoy being a kid, running and playing with her friends she will make, and to learn everything and anything she can. I hope I don’t get emotional on her first day but we will see what happens. Do you have any kids starting this coming fall? Are you also a little worried for their safety?