2019 Goals

Well I decided to write my Goals down this year. Maybe by doing this I will have a better chance at following through. Last year my goal was to walk more and I did. I would go on walks 2 days a week and I was feeling great. Then life, kids and work started to get in the way. Well to be honest I was SOOO tired from all of the above. I was able to be consistent for about 5 months and I’m SUPER proud of myself. Now with all 3 kiddos getting bigger and life getting a “Little” easier here are my top 5 Resolutions for 2019

1. Being More Active

Now I know your probably saying “but Brittney you already do so much” Hahaha ok, maybe your not, but I am!! Starting next year I would like to get back to my 2 walking days a week and add our dogs at least once out of the week. Like I said before with the kids getting bigger, the girls can hold the leashes and that way it gets them moving and the opportunity to help as well. Planning on Mondays and Fridays being my walking days, so if anyone wants to join just let me know. I would also like to get an extra quick walk in every here and there and if I can it’s EVEN Better! Time to get Healthy and hoping it will help with my energy because we all know I could use a little more.

2. Better Myself as a Mom

This one will be a good challenge for me. This last year my body and mind has been through A Lot of change. I have days where I Love my Child and others I just want to leave but then the love I have for them won’t let me. I’ve found that lately I have had a short fuse with every little thing the kids do. When I hear them play with their barbies or dolls, I can hear them immediately me and it’s horrible sometimes. I know moms might not want to talk about the real feelings of motherhood but it’s ok!! Yes I have days that all I do is yell and can tell it gets me nowhere. Then other days I try to be super nice and still no nowhere. I need to find a parenting styles that works for my family and myself and the other biggest thing would be consistence.

3. My Mental Health

Halloween 2018

Now this also goes with my #2 goal, I need to work on my anxiety and depression. This past May I went to see my doctor because I know mentally something wasn’t right. I was put on a low antidepressant and started to take them. I could tell it helped but then again life got in the way and I forgot. I know that’s just an excuse and yes I was being lazy BUT it was a good wake up call. This last month I haven’t been on my pill and have noticed a difference in my mood and can see how the medication helped. [Will go into more detail on a later post about my depression and anxiety] So to achieve my goal I plan on putting a daily timer on my phone to help this mom brain of mine. Now in moments where I am starting to feel overwhelmed, I plan on stopping what I am doing so I can slow down and breath. Having kids is not easy! Yes very Rewarding but Very Exhausting.

4. Blog More

Would love to give myself some me time so I can work on my blog more. I really enjoy it and would love to meet more of the Mom Blog community. This year was really about figuring out what worked best for me and my family. I think I have found a good rhythm and now I’m ready to go. I hope to blog once a week on anything at this point. Right now Im going to start working on being consistent. So maybe I will do a post about what I did on a random Tuesday or maybe a fun adventure I took the kids on. Super random but hey that’s my life and I love it.


This goal speaks for itself 😊

Well those are my top 5 Resolutions for 2019. What are yours for the coming year? Would love to hear about them! And everyone have a Happy and Safe New Years🎉


Christmas ReCap

Hope you all had a great Holiday and now that the New Year is just days away here’s our Christmas recap of 2018. Christmas was split into 2 days but 3 if you count Bridgets birthday. We started our family gatherings the weekend before Christmas on Saturday to celebrate Bridget. It was very intimate with just family over for dinner and cake. Bridget wanted a unicorn theme this year and I wonder if that’s what she will want for her party with her friends as well. (Which I need to start working on that ASAP) Didn’t take a lot of photos but here are some from her party and few special ones.

Sunday we went to my sisters for our first Christmas of three. By this point I was mentally shot and already done with the holidays and it wasn’t even real Christmas yet. We all brought something over for brunch. I decided to bring stuff to make French toast and Chorizo and Eggs (eggs used from our chickens) I was able to make everything and it smelt so good until…. when I was trying to put the pan of Chorizo in the oven to stay warm it FELL!! Oh My Goddess I almost lost it, well maybe I did a little. It was so frustrating but my sister and I were able to fix it and we moved on with our brunch after I took a little breather to myself. Once we were done eating my family and I like to do a gift card exchange and this year was a lot of fun with the girls helping out.

Justin tasting his new PJs

So Happy 😆

And tasting his gifts HAHA

How we Celebrate the Holidays

Having a drink with family is always FUN!

Christmas Eve I did NOTHING!!! That’s right! Absolutely. Nothing. The kids and I spent the whole day in our pjs. I did want to do a last minute gifts for the grandparents but wasn’t to keen on the idea of me packing all the kids in the car to then deal with Christmas Eve craziness. Soooo I called my husband and told him to pick up a paid online order on the way home. It was AMAZING, a perfect pre gift that I didn’t have to leave the house and was just able to be lazy all day LOL.

Grandparent Gifts turned out great!

On to Christmas number 2, Christmas Morning at our house. The kids didn’t wake up to early thank goodness! The girls got up around 7:15 and both Justin and I stayed in bed till almost 8. It was a Christmas gift to me YAY!! We spent the morning with the kids, watched them open gifts and the beginning of the Walt Disney Christmas Day Parade on TV. Then around noon went to my in laws for our 3rd Christmas. That’s right we Survived 3 Christmas in 2 Days. Our last Christmas was a lot of fun because the kids were able to meet cousins from Boston. It was great to catch up with family and eat great food. All the kids got along great just wish we had more time to spend. Hopefully we will be able to make it back to Boston in 2019.

Santa Came

Loves what Santa brought him

The Aftermath

Opening more gifts

Kids table

Take 1 of getting 6 kids in 1 photo
Take 2
Take 3 and the little ones were done

Now don’t think we didn’t have any family drama because we sure did. Our family is just like anyone else. But we made it through another Christmas and another year. Maybe next year I might want to go away for the holidays. Have you even been away for the holidays? Hope you all had a Wonderful Christmas 🎄



Oh Christmas Tree

“Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree. How lovely are thy branches Ok that’s the only part I can remember from the song HAHA.

It’s December and time to get a Christmas Tree!! The last few years we have tried to get our tree the first weekend of December. Now this year I was SO close to buying a fake tree, But the kids and Dad really wanted a real one. Now it’s always fun trying to get everyone ready and out the door, only took us 30 minutes. Life with kids what can you do…

This was another reason why it took long to get out the door. My Sweet Sweet Brooklyn is so creative in what she wears. She’s a true California Girl – Summer always at Heat

In our household my husband is very particular about the type of tree we get. Has to be the perfect height, shape and fullness. Let me just tell you trying to find the perfect tree while keeping all 3 kids entertained was very interesting. Yes last year Justin was here But he was a newborn, this year he was all over the place. We went to our local Home Depot and once we got there everyone was on the hunt.

How fun is this!! If you look closely you can see Bridget’s foot by Brooklyn’s head.

This year we didn’t want to spend too much and was hoping for a good deal. The girls found a tiny tree they wanted for their room.

I told them maybe next year we can get a little tree. Justin on the other hand just loved how big everything looked. He would go from tree to tree and touch them.

After opening about 3-4 trees we all found the ONE that was going to come home. As we all were walking out to the car there was a bowl of candy canes, and of course the girls HAD to have one. Now I have learned that they Both DON’T like peppermint and I always tell them they won’t like them. Well to no surprise after all the hard work from opening the candy canes they tell me “mom I don’t like it”. By this point Jeff has been tying the tree on the car while I was getting the kids ready to go. After a few meltdowns we made it home safe with the Christmas tree.

My family is so photo ready LOL and this was the best one I got. Oh Well!!

Now it’s time to decorate the tree and this year I was kinda over it. I would have been happy with just putting lights and the Star on the top but the girls were all about putting the ornaments on. With Justin being 1 and wanting to grab everything I told the girls they needed to put them out of his reach. They both did a great job with decorating the. It was nice this year to just sit back and supervise. Justin even wanted to put a few ornaments up. After the tree was all decorated it was time for a Christmas music dance party!!

These Girls are Sooo Sweet!! Can’t wait for Christmas morning.

Bridget was so proud that she was able to put the Star on by herself!! BIG GIRL, can’t believe she will be 6 on Christmas. (Yes, if you didn’t know Bridget is a Christmas Baby)



It’s Been a While

Well it’s been a while since I put a new blog post out and as I’m sitting here all I can think about is what I have to get done today. Maybe I haven’t written anything because I’m busy chasing around 3 kids or maybe I’m too tired at the end of the day. The last month or so has been extremely busy, from everyone getting sick, birthday parties, Pre-K graduation and everything in between. I don’t want to bore you but truly being a mom of 3 is no joke.

In June the whole house got sick with the stomach bug which was Not fun. Luckily Justin never really got it which I was so thankful. Bridget graduated Pre-K and it was so emotional! My little girl is growing up and don’t know how to handle it. She went to a family run preschool (I also went to the same school as a child) and to celebrate the the pre-k kids graduation they have a sleepover. Bridget kept going back-and-forth about staying but once she saw all her friends she knew she didn’t want to miss out. When it was time to leave we said goodbye to Bridget and she ran off to play with her friends. That night it felt so weird without her at home but I knew she was having a blast.

We celebrate July 4th early with our close friends and Jeff ordered crawfish from Louisiana and got it flown in. I didn’t try them but it was a fun experience to watch everyone else try them.

Then on the 4th we kinda took it easy since the last month was so crazy. Went to my parents house for dinner and then came home to put all the kiddos to bed. After that we then started to hear the fireworks go off and was surprised we could see them from the deck Jeff built in the backyard. While the two of us are outside the dogs were freaking out inside, which freaked the girls out so I went to see what was going on. Right when I walked in I could smell poop and when I looked around the corner I saw it. One of the dogs (we are pretty sure it was Gunny) pooped in the living room. I can’t make this up!!! I said screw it and we grabbed the girls and took them outside to watch the fireworks. Don’t worry when the show was over we cleaned everything up and put the girls back to bed. (love this photo because each one of them is showing their personality)

It was a great holiday and so far the summer has been pretty good. We got Legoland passes again so we have been trying to get as much time at the water park. If you haven’t been it’s a lot of fun and if you live close by (Legoland is located in Carlsbad) it’s way better then the Wave in Vista, specially if you have small children. Should I make a blog post about the Legoland Water Park? Let me know in the comments below. Hopefully I will have time to check in sooner. We do have a family trip coming up later and super excited for that.

Hope you all are having a great summer with friends and family