Visiting Santa at Disneyland

Here comes Santa Claus

Here comes Santa Claus

Right down Redwood Creek Trail

With it being December and Christmas time it’s the season to visit SANTA. This year we made a big deal about seeing Santa in hopes of no tears. We already saw Santa when were in AZ so I was hoping for the same experience. Decided to go up on a Friday since Bridget only has a half day at school. The drive was really smooth but once we go to Mickey and Friends parking structure I could see it was going to be a busy night at Disneyland. Our main goals were visiting with Santa and seeing the holiday parade on Main Street USA.

If you haven’t been to Disneyland in a while they have moved Santa’s location. He used to be in Disneyland at Santa’s Reindeer Roundup in Frontierland. With the new Star Wars Land coming next year they have moved him to DCA (Disney’s California Adventure). Once you are in DCA he will be located in the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail. When we got there the wait was about an hour so just be ready to be in line. You can also see Santa at the Grand Californian Hotel, which I might do when we go next time. The line is much shorter but I don’t know the times he’s there at this moment.

It was so sweet to see Santa and his Elf’s, plus all the Cast Member’s were so nice when we were standing in line. I went by myself (Yes! you all know I’m Crazy) so standing in a long line with 3 toddlers is a job. Not to forget that Justin only took only one 1 hour nap all day. So besides that it was great, HAHA. Bridget was able to sign both her and her sisters name on the nice list. When we got closer to Santa, Brooklyn started to get a little scared but she did great!! Justin, ummm not so much, he did the typical “baby is scared of Santa”. But it made for Great Photos, since last year it was Brooklyn screaming for dear life.

Once we were done with Santa, off to Disneyland we went. Got everyone changed in some warmer clothes then found a nice spot for the parade. Now for the holiday parade it’s a MUST SEE for everyone! It puts you in the Christmas spirit and was a great start of December for my kids. (We went on November 30th) I brought our dinner and a good tip would be bring your dinner or buy dinner before you find a spot for the parade. We sat about 2 hours before the parade started if you want a good spot on Main Street. Once the kiddos were done eating we still had some time so trying to keep them entertained was a little challenging. I like to bring color stuff or little toys for them to play with. Justin decided to make friends with everyone sitting around us. He was loving all the attention.

Once the parade started they all sat down and were amazed by all the lights. I love the music and all the magic they put in the Christmas Fantasy Parade. Now if you don’t have the ability to go to Disneyland to see the parade on Christmas Morning on ABC (check your local listing for times)

Ended the night with some cotton candy after I bribed them for a few more pictures HAHA

Merry Christmas Everyone



The Nutcracker and the Four Realms

This new Disney movie was so magically and a great way to start the holiday season. I took the girls (ages 3 & 5) for a Mommy Daughter(s) date up to the El Capitan Theater in LA to see the movie. This was the first time my girls have gone to the El Capitan Theater, I remember going a lot as a kid so it was very special for me to see them there. We got there about an hour early which I would recommend if you want to take pictures and to see the fun stuff they have showcasing for the movie that’s playing. That way you don’t have any crowds around you.

There was the amazing costumes from the Sugar Plum Fairy and Clara’s Party Scene Dress along with the shoes. On the stage there was a big music box (different then what I had imagined but still neat) you could take photos in front of.

Bridget is wearing the dress I wore in my first Nutcracker I performed in and Brooklyn is in the dress my cousin wore in her first Nutcracker.

About 20 minutes from show time DJ Maestro came out to pump up the audience with fun Disney dance music. It was very interactive and a great way for the girls to get some wiggles out before the movie. Once everyone was in their seats they showed 2 upcoming Disney movies and then the Calabasas Dance Academy performed a short nutcracker inspired dance. Then it was time to get the popcorn out and watch the movie.

The movie is PG and the length is 1 hour and 40 minutes.

My thoughts on the Movie

In a whole it was Beautiful!!! Disney didn’t disappoint with making such a classic holiday tale that is very near and dear to my heart. If you didn’t know I was a ballet dancer when I was younger and loved dancing in the Nutcracker. The movie had just enough dancing to satisfy my dancer heart. The story line was different then the ballet but was executed very well. each scene in the movie was gorgeous! I wish I would go and visit each realm and the costumes were so magically made. Both the girls loved the movie, they didn’t get scared with some of the darker parts. Now they were a little wiggle and Brooklyn a few times asked to go home. All in all if you want to see it GO!! You won’t be disappointed. And stay for the beginning of the credits to see a special dance number with Misty Coplin


Movie in the Park

Last night I took the girls on a Mommy Daughter Date. We met our bffs for movie in the park, it was our first time attending one and we all had a blast. We will for sure be attending the next one! Here are some tips I learned last night and what I plan to do next time.

I planned ahead on what I wanted to bring for food. I knew pizza would be the easiest to eat so I got 2 Costco pizzas ($10 each). I also went to the Dollar Tree to get all the candy, cute cups for each of the girls and some fun glow sticks ($20 totally). I popped popcorn, packed some juice for the kids, wine for the moms, some blankets and chairs.

The event hold fun activities from 5pm-7pm with games, bounce houses and a concession stand. I got there around 5:50pm and there was already a good amount of family’s there. There was no parking left in the Stagecoach Park parking lot and the street parking was full. I was able to park up by the basketball courts and the walk down wasn’t bad. Next time I will try and get closer to 5:30pm or earlier.

Was able to fit everything in my wagon and it was a short walk down to the park. Once we got down we found our group and started to set up came. They had wristbands for $5 and that would allow the kids to jump and play games. Around 6pm there was a local choir that preformed which was fun to watch. They also had two minions walking around that you could meet and ale pictures with. It was really cute and all the girls but Brooklyn wanted their photo taken.

Once 7pm rolled around we rounded our kiddos up back to our spot to get ready for the movie. Had to wait for it to get a little darker so we could see the movie but it didn’t take long. Luckily one of my friend brought pillows and next time I’m going to bring a few as well. It was so sweet to watch the girls sitting together giggling and eating their candy and popcorn.

Here are some of the photos from the night


Last Week of Summer

Short and a late post tonight. Just had to reflect and share my crazy day. It felt like once I woke up or more like got woken up, (at 6am, thank you Justin) one thing after the next was happening. All I wanted to do was go school shopping at Old Navy and Target. Maybe get lunch if the kids were good.

With Justin getting up so early he woke up tried and pissed off. After I cleaned the house and was able to put the kids clothes away (now I just have mine and the rest of the towels) I got myself and the kids ready to walk out the door. It was around 10 when I got them in the car and Justin was Ready for a nap.

Once all 3 kids were buckled I go to start the car and Click Click Clickkkk! My Car Wouldn’t Start! The Battery died and it was my fault. I left the back door open and the cab light was on all weekend. All I thought was “are you kidding me!” and “I just got everybody in the car”. I called the husband to see if we had a battery charger. We did, brand new and ready for me to open. Great right!!!? It would have been if I had a small battery. If I let this little plug in battery charger charge it all the way, it would have taken 8 hours. I didn’t have that kinda time. After talking to my mom, well we all know I called her to vent, she told me to call AAA. I knew if I did it would take about an hour to get a jumpstart.

I called around 10:22 and AAA said they would be at my house at 10:50am. The I got a text a little later telling me the arrival time would be 11:05. By then I got a call from the tow company telling me they are backed up and would be later now then was expended. Now it’s 11, the girls have been messing around in the car which then made Justin wake up from his nap. The guy got to my house, jumped my car and I put ALL the kids back in the car. I was in a mood from the car and thinking I would have to stay home which I didn’t want to.

I decided to head over to Chuck E Cheese for lunch because by now it was noon. The girls were SOOO excited when I pulled in. Had lunch and played a lot of games. Even had a friend come and meet us. The only new thing now is they got rid of coins and have switched to game cards. The girls love it and would call the card their coupon. Here are a few pictures from today

The girls had 395 tickets by the end and the girls were able to get the same gifts.

After spending a little over an hour or so it was 2 so we headed out to go to the places I said before. Now at Old Navy, the store was a mess and that was why I wanted to get there in the morning. Didn’t really find any good sales but Bridget was able to get a few cute outfits. After spending 30 mins in the dressing room, Bridget was the one taking the longest, we headed over to Target. Only got the girls lunch boxes while we were there and Justin ended up falling asleep in the stroller. On our way home we stopped by the store to get stuff for dinner and made it back home around 5pm.

I learned today was even though you get hit with roadblocks don’t let it get you down and keep moving on. I had a blast watching the kids enjoy Chuck E Cheese and they really stepped up their pizza. Was able to get all the stuff I wanted to do while being able to have fun. Ended the day with watching a movie with the family. Now I need to head off to bed because tomorrow is another day of fun waiting to happen.