2019 Goals

Well I decided to write my Goals down this year. Maybe by doing this I will have a better chance at following through. Last year my goal was to walk more and I did. I would go on walks 2 days a week and I was feeling great. Then life, kids and work started to get in the way. Well to be honest I was SOOO tired from all of the above. I was able to be consistent for about 5 months and I’m SUPER proud of myself. Now with all 3 kiddos getting bigger and life getting a “Little” easier here are my top 5 Resolutions for 2019

1. Being More Active

Now I know your probably saying “but Brittney you already do so much” Hahaha ok, maybe your not, but I am!! Starting next year I would like to get back to my 2 walking days a week and add our dogs at least once out of the week. Like I said before with the kids getting bigger, the girls can hold the leashes and that way it gets them moving and the opportunity to help as well. Planning on Mondays and Fridays being my walking days, so if anyone wants to join just let me know. I would also like to get an extra quick walk in every here and there and if I can it’s EVEN Better! Time to get Healthy and hoping it will help with my energy because we all know I could use a little more.

2. Better Myself as a Mom

This one will be a good challenge for me. This last year my body and mind has been through A Lot of change. I have days where I Love my Child and others I just want to leave but then the love I have for them won’t let me. I’ve found that lately I have had a short fuse with every little thing the kids do. When I hear them play with their barbies or dolls, I can hear them immediately me and it’s horrible sometimes. I know moms might not want to talk about the real feelings of motherhood but it’s ok!! Yes I have days that all I do is yell and can tell it gets me nowhere. Then other days I try to be super nice and still no nowhere. I need to find a parenting styles that works for my family and myself and the other biggest thing would be consistence.

3. My Mental Health

Halloween 2018

Now this also goes with my #2 goal, I need to work on my anxiety and depression. This past May I went to see my doctor because I know mentally something wasn’t right. I was put on a low antidepressant and started to take them. I could tell it helped but then again life got in the way and I forgot. I know that’s just an excuse and yes I was being lazy BUT it was a good wake up call. This last month I haven’t been on my pill and have noticed a difference in my mood and can see how the medication helped. [Will go into more detail on a later post about my depression and anxiety] So to achieve my goal I plan on putting a daily timer on my phone to help this mom brain of mine. Now in moments where I am starting to feel overwhelmed, I plan on stopping what I am doing so I can slow down and breath. Having kids is not easy! Yes very Rewarding but Very Exhausting.

4. Blog More

Would love to give myself some me time so I can work on my blog more. I really enjoy it and would love to meet more of the Mom Blog community. This year was really about figuring out what worked best for me and my family. I think I have found a good rhythm and now I’m ready to go. I hope to blog once a week on anything at this point. Right now Im going to start working on being consistent. So maybe I will do a post about what I did on a random Tuesday or maybe a fun adventure I took the kids on. Super random but hey that’s my life and I love it.


This goal speaks for itself 😊

Well those are my top 5 Resolutions for 2019. What are yours for the coming year? Would love to hear about them! And everyone have a Happy and Safe New Years🎉

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