Christmas ReCap

Hope you all had a great Holiday and now that the New Year is just days away here’s our Christmas recap of 2018. Christmas was split into 2 days but 3 if you count Bridgets birthday. We started our family gatherings the weekend before Christmas on Saturday to celebrate Bridget. It was very intimate with just family over for dinner and cake. Bridget wanted a unicorn theme this year and I wonder if that’s what she will want for her party with her friends as well. (Which I need to start working on that ASAP) Didn’t take a lot of photos but here are some from her party and few special ones.

Sunday we went to my sisters for our first Christmas of three. By this point I was mentally shot and already done with the holidays and it wasn’t even real Christmas yet. We all brought something over for brunch. I decided to bring stuff to make French toast and Chorizo and Eggs (eggs used from our chickens) I was able to make everything and it smelt so good until…. when I was trying to put the pan of Chorizo in the oven to stay warm it FELL!! Oh My Goddess I almost lost it, well maybe I did a little. It was so frustrating but my sister and I were able to fix it and we moved on with our brunch after I took a little breather to myself. Once we were done eating my family and I like to do a gift card exchange and this year was a lot of fun with the girls helping out.

Justin tasting his new PJs

So Happy 😆

And tasting his gifts HAHA

How we Celebrate the Holidays

Having a drink with family is always FUN!

Christmas Eve I did NOTHING!!! That’s right! Absolutely. Nothing. The kids and I spent the whole day in our pjs. I did want to do a last minute gifts for the grandparents but wasn’t to keen on the idea of me packing all the kids in the car to then deal with Christmas Eve craziness. Soooo I called my husband and told him to pick up a paid online order on the way home. It was AMAZING, a perfect pre gift that I didn’t have to leave the house and was just able to be lazy all day LOL.

Grandparent Gifts turned out great!

On to Christmas number 2, Christmas Morning at our house. The kids didn’t wake up to early thank goodness! The girls got up around 7:15 and both Justin and I stayed in bed till almost 8. It was a Christmas gift to me YAY!! We spent the morning with the kids, watched them open gifts and the beginning of the Walt Disney Christmas Day Parade on TV. Then around noon went to my in laws for our 3rd Christmas. That’s right we Survived 3 Christmas in 2 Days. Our last Christmas was a lot of fun because the kids were able to meet cousins from Boston. It was great to catch up with family and eat great food. All the kids got along great just wish we had more time to spend. Hopefully we will be able to make it back to Boston in 2019.

Santa Came

Loves what Santa brought him

The Aftermath

Opening more gifts

Kids table

Take 1 of getting 6 kids in 1 photo
Take 2
Take 3 and the little ones were done

Now don’t think we didn’t have any family drama because we sure did. Our family is just like anyone else. But we made it through another Christmas and another year. Maybe next year I might want to go away for the holidays. Have you even been away for the holidays? Hope you all had a Wonderful Christmas 🎄


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