Visiting Santa at Disneyland

Here comes Santa Claus

Here comes Santa Claus

Right down Redwood Creek Trail

With it being December and Christmas time it’s the season to visit SANTA. This year we made a big deal about seeing Santa in hopes of no tears. We already saw Santa when were in AZ so I was hoping for the same experience. Decided to go up on a Friday since Bridget only has a half day at school. The drive was really smooth but once we go to Mickey and Friends parking structure I could see it was going to be a busy night at Disneyland. Our main goals were visiting with Santa and seeing the holiday parade on Main Street USA.

If you haven’t been to Disneyland in a while they have moved Santa’s location. He used to be in Disneyland at Santa’s Reindeer Roundup in Frontierland. With the new Star Wars Land coming next year they have moved him to DCA (Disney’s California Adventure). Once you are in DCA he will be located in the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail. When we got there the wait was about an hour so just be ready to be in line. You can also see Santa at the Grand Californian Hotel, which I might do when we go next time. The line is much shorter but I don’t know the times he’s there at this moment.

It was so sweet to see Santa and his Elf’s, plus all the Cast Member’s were so nice when we were standing in line. I went by myself (Yes! you all know I’m Crazy) so standing in a long line with 3 toddlers is a job. Not to forget that Justin only took only one 1 hour nap all day. So besides that it was great, HAHA. Bridget was able to sign both her and her sisters name on the nice list. When we got closer to Santa, Brooklyn started to get a little scared but she did great!! Justin, ummm not so much, he did the typical “baby is scared of Santa”. But it made for Great Photos, since last year it was Brooklyn screaming for dear life.

Once we were done with Santa, off to Disneyland we went. Got everyone changed in some warmer clothes then found a nice spot for the parade. Now for the holiday parade it’s a MUST SEE for everyone! It puts you in the Christmas spirit and was a great start of December for my kids. (We went on November 30th) I brought our dinner and a good tip would be bring your dinner or buy dinner before you find a spot for the parade. We sat about 2 hours before the parade started if you want a good spot on Main Street. Once the kiddos were done eating we still had some time so trying to keep them entertained was a little challenging. I like to bring color stuff or little toys for them to play with. Justin decided to make friends with everyone sitting around us. He was loving all the attention.

Once the parade started they all sat down and were amazed by all the lights. I love the music and all the magic they put in the Christmas Fantasy Parade. Now if you don’t have the ability to go to Disneyland to see the parade on Christmas Morning on ABC (check your local listing for times)

Ended the night with some cotton candy after I bribed them for a few more pictures HAHA

Merry Christmas Everyone


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