Oh Christmas Tree

“Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree. How lovely are thy branches Ok that’s the only part I can remember from the song HAHA.

It’s December and time to get a Christmas Tree!! The last few years we have tried to get our tree the first weekend of December. Now this year I was SO close to buying a fake tree, But the kids and Dad really wanted a real one. Now it’s always fun trying to get everyone ready and out the door, only took us 30 minutes. Life with kids what can you do…

This was another reason why it took long to get out the door. My Sweet Sweet Brooklyn is so creative in what she wears. She’s a true California Girl – Summer always at Heat

In our household my husband is very particular about the type of tree we get. Has to be the perfect height, shape and fullness. Let me just tell you trying to find the perfect tree while keeping all 3 kids entertained was very interesting. Yes last year Justin was here But he was a newborn, this year he was all over the place. We went to our local Home Depot and once we got there everyone was on the hunt.

How fun is this!! If you look closely you can see Bridget’s foot by Brooklyn’s head.

This year we didn’t want to spend too much and was hoping for a good deal. The girls found a tiny tree they wanted for their room.

I told them maybe next year we can get a little tree. Justin on the other hand just loved how big everything looked. He would go from tree to tree and touch them.

After opening about 3-4 trees we all found the ONE that was going to come home. As we all were walking out to the car there was a bowl of candy canes, and of course the girls HAD to have one. Now I have learned that they Both DON’T like peppermint and I always tell them they won’t like them. Well to no surprise after all the hard work from opening the candy canes they tell me “mom I don’t like it”. By this point Jeff has been tying the tree on the car while I was getting the kids ready to go. After a few meltdowns we made it home safe with the Christmas tree.

My family is so photo ready LOL and this was the best one I got. Oh Well!!

Now it’s time to decorate the tree and this year I was kinda over it. I would have been happy with just putting lights and the Star on the top but the girls were all about putting the ornaments on. With Justin being 1 and wanting to grab everything I told the girls they needed to put them out of his reach. They both did a great job with decorating the. It was nice this year to just sit back and supervise. Justin even wanted to put a few ornaments up. After the tree was all decorated it was time for a Christmas music dance party!!

These Girls are Sooo Sweet!! Can’t wait for Christmas morning.

Bridget was so proud that she was able to put the Star on by herself!! BIG GIRL, can’t believe she will be 6 on Christmas. (Yes, if you didn’t know Bridget is a Christmas Baby)


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