Justin’s 1st Birthday

So happy how Justin’s first birthday came out. The two weeks leading up to his party the whole house got sick and I didn’t know if we were going to be able to pull it off. I’m so thankful I had my mom to help, couldn’t have done it with out her. Three days leading up to his party we were able to get everything we needed. The party was a success and so happy we pulled it off.

When it came to picking a theme for my sons first birthday I just Knew what he would like. CARS!! He loves cars and saying Go Go Go so it was no brainer. To save time and money I did an evite on line. For the decorations I got all the checkered theme items on Amazon. The colored cups, tablecloths and cupcake stand at Party City. My mom cut out and put together the Happy Birthday banner and found a lot of the car printable’s online. My sister helped with a few of the food place cards. And we even had a Ramones Body Art activity with color hair spray and tattoos. Didn’t get a photo of it but you can take my word it was very cute.

Here are some highlights from the party. I wish I got more photos but let’s be real the food set up is the only thing that matters.

These ham and cheese sandwich’s my mom made were Amazing!!

Who doesn’t like dinosaur nuggets!

These pigs in a blanket are Always a crowd pleaser at my house!!

I made the Mac and cheese the night before and put in all in the slower cooker dish. The morning of the party I put the dish in the oven to get the backed goodness and to keep it warm throughout the party I put the slow cooker on warm!

These cute cupcake toppers I printed out and glued them on toothpicks. Great DIY!!

Organic Lemonade for the WIN!!

The Crew Chief and his Racer

His sister was SO excited she thought it was her birthday.

As you can see ALL my kids loved his smash cake.

My baby needed a bath after his cake eating fun! He definitely was a LOT messy then his sisters were at their first birthday.

Daddy ordered pizza once the after party started. Justin stole my slice.

The House was a mess afterwards but everyone had an Amazing time!!!

Well Justin was blessed with so many wonderful gifts from loved one. It was an amazing party and now I’m birthday planning mood for the girls.

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