Last Week of Summer

Short and a late post tonight. Just had to reflect and share my crazy day. It felt like once I woke up or more like got woken up, (at 6am, thank you Justin) one thing after the next was happening. All I wanted to do was go school shopping at Old Navy and Target. Maybe get lunch if the kids were good.

With Justin getting up so early he woke up tried and pissed off. After I cleaned the house and was able to put the kids clothes away (now I just have mine and the rest of the towels) I got myself and the kids ready to walk out the door. It was around 10 when I got them in the car and Justin was Ready for a nap.

Once all 3 kids were buckled I go to start the car and Click Click Clickkkk! My Car Wouldn’t Start! The Battery died and it was my fault. I left the back door open and the cab light was on all weekend. All I thought was “are you kidding me!” and “I just got everybody in the car”. I called the husband to see if we had a battery charger. We did, brand new and ready for me to open. Great right!!!? It would have been if I had a small battery. If I let this little plug in battery charger charge it all the way, it would have taken 8 hours. I didn’t have that kinda time. After talking to my mom, well we all know I called her to vent, she told me to call AAA. I knew if I did it would take about an hour to get a jumpstart.

I called around 10:22 and AAA said they would be at my house at 10:50am. The I got a text a little later telling me the arrival time would be 11:05. By then I got a call from the tow company telling me they are backed up and would be later now then was expended. Now it’s 11, the girls have been messing around in the car which then made Justin wake up from his nap. The guy got to my house, jumped my car and I put ALL the kids back in the car. I was in a mood from the car and thinking I would have to stay home which I didn’t want to.

I decided to head over to Chuck E Cheese for lunch because by now it was noon. The girls were SOOO excited when I pulled in. Had lunch and played a lot of games. Even had a friend come and meet us. The only new thing now is they got rid of coins and have switched to game cards. The girls love it and would call the card their coupon. Here are a few pictures from today

The girls had 395 tickets by the end and the girls were able to get the same gifts.

After spending a little over an hour or so it was 2 so we headed out to go to the places I said before. Now at Old Navy, the store was a mess and that was why I wanted to get there in the morning. Didn’t really find any good sales but Bridget was able to get a few cute outfits. After spending 30 mins in the dressing room, Bridget was the one taking the longest, we headed over to Target. Only got the girls lunch boxes while we were there and Justin ended up falling asleep in the stroller. On our way home we stopped by the store to get stuff for dinner and made it back home around 5pm.

I learned today was even though you get hit with roadblocks don’t let it get you down and keep moving on. I had a blast watching the kids enjoy Chuck E Cheese and they really stepped up their pizza. Was able to get all the stuff I wanted to do while being able to have fun. Ended the day with watching a movie with the family. Now I need to head off to bed because tomorrow is another day of fun waiting to happen.

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