Mom of Three

Being a mom is no joke but being a mom of three is a whole different type of crazy. The many rolls of motherhood in my eyes consist of, MAID, chef, taxi driver, problem solver, entertainer, tutor, teacher, and most of all the glue that keeps the family going. (I know there’s more but I’m to tired from all those jobs to think of anything else) This job doesn’t have a clock in and out time it’s 24 hours 7 days a week 365 day a year!!! So when you become a mom you might as well say goodbye to your bed because it will be years until you can really enjoy sleeping again.

My morning usually starts when I hear Justin wake up around 6:30-7. I then get out of bed to get him up, change his diaper and off to the kitchen so I can heat a bottle up. The girls wake up between 7:30-8 and slowly join me on the couch downstairs. Once we are all up and I find time to get ready myself it can be a rush some mornings to get the kids dressed, fed and lunches made. We all hop in the car around 8:40 then we head out for drop offs. I only work three days a week so on the other two days we either have errands to run or I might take the kids for a fun trip somewhere.

Once I’m down with work it’s time to pick the kiddos up. We get home around 5-5:30 then it’s time to make dinner feed the baby and baths for all three. Around 7:40 is when we start bedtime routine with going to the potty, brushing teeth and getting the girls water bottles. Justin goes down around the same time as the girls so while I’m putting him to bed my husband is with the girls. Some nights bedtime gets pushed back because I’m so tired and lost track of the time and other nights the girls drag bedtime out by coming downstairs or complaining about something. FINALLY once all the kids are in bed it’s Mommy Happy Hour. Which some nights it’s more like half an hour since I have cleaning and laundry to catch up on. My bedtime is always late and only get a few hours of sleep then it’s time to wake up and start all over again.

Trying to keep 3 little humans happy and alive while having a part-time job is rough. I have my ups and downs but at the end of the day I just have to remember to not stress over everything. After having Justin I thought I would be fine and could handle one more, but mentally it was really hard for me. I did struggle with postpartum and had to see my doctor. After the advice she gave me I feel like I have a little more hold on my life.

Even though I have a lot going on I wouldn’t change it, well maybe I would like less fighting and more listening. I know things will get better then maybe a little more difficult again but so blessed to be able to watch all my kids grow and make so many memories with them. I love being a mom and know this is what I was meant to be.


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