My Journey with Co-Sleeping

I know people have mix feelings about co-sleeping and so do I.  Sometimes Mama just needs a good night sleep without a foot or a hand slapping you in the face.  I have 3 kiddos and I realized I co-slept more with my first.

I had my first daughter back in 2012, and even though I was a new mom I felt very comfortable.  I loved being a mom but at night it was a different story.  She would wake up around 2-3 times a night to feed and yes that might not seem like a lot or other baby’s might wake up more but for being in my early 20’s it was rough.  After awhile I was starting to think more about co-sleeping.  I was hesitant at first only because my husband can sometimes be a mover when he sleeps (now that I think about it Bridget really does sleep like her Daddy).  One night I was so tired I had enough of the getting in and out of bed and said lets give this co-sleeping a shot.  It was really nice to be close to my baby, feel her warmth, hear her breath and that baby smell is HEAVEN!  It always amazes me that even an infant can somehow manage to almost push you OFF the bed every night.  When we moved into the home we live in today Bridget was around 5 months and that’s when I decide it was time for her to sleep in her own room.  It was scary to think about her being in another room but by I was ready for my space again plus I wasn’t breastfeeding anymore.  It felt so good to have my bed back to just me and my husband. Once we moved Bridget to a big girl bed around 17 months that’s when she had the freedom to claim into bed with us.  She would come lay next to me when she wasn’t feeling good or having really bad growing pains.

Then we had Brooklyn our second daughter and I did start co-sleeping sooner only because I knew a little more to what I was doing. At 2 and a half months old Brooklyn was starting to sleep thought the night and that was Amazing!!  I than decided it was time for her to start sleeping in her own room.  Once I had both my girls sleeping in their own rooms it felt so good, but it didn’t last long.  Bridget than started to come in our bed more often than before, night after night.  I was first ok with it because she was my baby, my first-born but I wanted to sleep in my bed not on the side almost falling off.  Brooklyn was a different story once she got to a big girl bed.  She wanted me to sleep in her bed.  There were a few nights I would end up falling asleep in her twin bed and would wake up with my back killing me.  Some nights I wish she wanted to sleep in my bed.  Now Bridget is 5 and Brooklyn is 3 and they both are coming in our bed off and on.  Instead of them being cute little baby’s that can fit in my hands, they now take over the king size bed.  Since Bridget Loves her Daddy more I always get her long legs and feet.  Some nights I will try to get her back in her bed but once I pick her up she wakes up and clings to my husband saying “but I love Daddy”.

This last October we had our first son Justin and I have not once co-slept with him.  So interesting how different each child is the more I think about it.  Justin at around 2 months like Brooklyn was sleeping through the night, again it was Amazing!  Tonight when I was putting Justin to sleep I was thinking more on how I haven’t co-slept with him yet.  Made me a little sad just thinking about all the baby cuddle’s I’m missing out as he is the last baby I’m having.  Then I thought another reason I wasn’t co-sleeping with him was I knew Bridget would be crawling into bed.  Now she is my first-born and their will always be a special place in my heart and in her case my bed. I have been able to teach her to sleep on the couch in our room but Brooklyn now is climbing into bed with us.  I guess I should just enjoy it while it last because once they get bigger I will miss it.

A lot has changed in how I have thought about co-sleeping from my 20’s with one baby to my now 30’s with 3 kids.  Parents should feel comfortable in their decision to co-sleep or not.  What are your thoughts about the subject?  Are you for it or not?  If you’re not a parent, when you become one how would you feel?  Or even if you changed your mind after becoming a parent?  I would love to know what you did and cant wait to read your responses.

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